Monday, February 23, 2009

Duncan Hines

Please Beware. This man will make you very "Duncan Hines" (Soft and Moist). If not his painfully sexy face then his deep sexy voice. You have been warned.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's On Like Donkey Kong...Bitches

Oh sweet Mary. I have been hella busy. Yeah, I went all 1998 on your ASS and said "hella". It's true though. Tax Season is Hell for this Homo. I feel like I took a brief vacation from sanity, reality, and most household chores. I am glad to be back though. On another note...
I am not really a TV watcher. I watch anything Sports related and I will also watch if a Countdown is involved. Top 10 Celebrity Murders. Top 50 One Hit Wonders. You name it I will watch it. While hanging out with the hubster this evening I peeled my eyes away from ESPN.COM long enough to see this hot piece of man meat. I instantly closed my laptop and started to pay attention to the show that was on. It's called Private Practice and apparently it's a spin off from Greys Anatomy...blah blah blah. Boring Mc Yawn. Anyway, I just had to Google this furry piece of man pie. His name is Paul Adelstein. He makes me want to quote the famous Salt N Pepa song SHOOP.
"Paul, You so crazy...I think I wanna have yo Baby".