Monday, March 31, 2008

Mindless ramblings

I think I have bronchitis.
I am happy that the Final Four is Finally here.
I think the Presdent of KFC is HOT! (The hubby gets Restaurant Weekly)
I need to save more money.
I want to go to Greece.
Our bathroom needs an HGTV makeover.
I want to volunteer somewhere.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chicago Recap

I'm Back!
Chicago was a blast and although I don't really like the cold weather it was fun to play in the 6 inches of snow that fell on Friday. The trip began on Wednesday when I arrived. Some other friends from Phoenix were also visiting so we all decided it was time to have lunch on Halsted. After a delicious sandwich we wandered into a local watering hole and proceeded to enjoy a frosty beverage. Someone then had the GREAT idea to walk down the East side of Halsted and have a drink inside every bar we walked past. For those of you who have never walked Halsted all I can say is "gurl.. you are fixin to get real drunkded" and we did. The next three days were basically a repeat of Wednesday with some Iron Chef competitions and a little College Basketball Tournaments thrown in for good measure. On my flight back I was one tired puppy so when Paw Paw picked me up we had a quick dinner and I was in bed by 10 PM. It was nice to wake up Monday morning without a hangover!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mama He's Lazy

It's true. I have been sooo lazy the last few weeks. I bought some stuff to organize the closets and there they sit. They seem to sneer at me everytime I go get a pair of shoes. My office at work needs some luvin as well and yet here I sit. I am hoping that the trip to Chicago will motivate me and recharge my batteries. I am normally a very driven and focused person but lately it seems I am in some sort of haze. I guess I need a Claratin.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Captain No-Balls

Well... We finally did it. We took our boy in and had him "snipped". I was told by many that this would calm him down and make him a little less "feisty" however that is not the case. We have completely Puppy Proofed the entire house so at least he doesn't have anything to chew up but I swear that he sneaks out of the house and walks downtown and buys CRACK from some of our local Drug Vendors.
After a very busy first half of Tax Season I will be taking a very deserved mini vacation to Chicago for my very very very old( Were talking age not length of time known) friends B-Day. He is 128 years young!!! This time next week I will be sipping cocktails on their patio( If it's not snowing) and relaxing all my stress away.