Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fried Latte

Welcome to the Land of all foods fried. Do you enjoy your morning Latte? Lets make it deep fried and it will be even better! I guess the latte flavor is infused into a batter which is deep fried which is really kind of odd but hey.. I love me a fried OREO once a year(Shut up... They are Snackwell Oreos..... Yeah right!! Give me a double stuffed fried in LARD please.) We resisted temptation to go to the State Fair as some friends of ours are coming for a work/visit next week(and by friends I mean the rude hookers that I dedicated half of my life to only to see them jump at the first carrot dangled in front of them by their employer) and we will probably go with them. The last week was fun as I am becoming settled into the new job. The hubbie and I decided to go play pool and darts on Saturday afternoon and the results were not pretty. I smacked that ass in POOL and left him with 5 balls on the table in one game. We then switched to darts and lets just say he didn't fair to much better. I hope all is well where you are.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My how time flies

I can't believe its been a week since my last post. I am gainfully employed after a 3 week hiatus. It is a change for me as I have not been in mgmt. in a few years(funny how my bossiness comes back so easily). I am enjoying the new gig very much and it has great opportunity for growth. The little guy is now the big guy and has grown at least two inches and 10 lbs since we got him. He has the Great Dane grace(poor buddy slips and slides all over the wood floors). He also has the Dane bark and ever since he learned to talk its been difficult getting him to shut up. I am excited to be taking a vacation to Chicago on Oct. 31st(I know...I just started a new job and already need a break. What a DIVA). The hubbie is happy as well with his new job and is now in charge of multiple restaurants instead of just one location. I would say that life is good(knock on wood..Not that kind of WOOD. pervs!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Scooby Doo was raped

My two sisters bought me a large stuffed Scooby Doo dog about eight years ago for Christmas. I love me some Scooby. In a vain attempt to defer the attention of a rabid great dane puppy away from my foot I gave him this stuffed animal as a peace offering. Initially he was bored however later this evening I witnessed a sex crime being committed by the very rabid great dane that earlier was satisfied with biting my toes. We have wood floors so while trying to mount poor scooby, Buddy was slip sliding all over the place( He looked like my loving hubby on a Saturday morning when we have had a few too many drinks the night before. There I am on the edge of the bed ready for ecstacy but he just can't seem to get traction on those damn wood floors. Take your socks off honey and lets get to business!!! )My little Buddy is growing up soo fast. He is getting snipped this weekend!!. I am way to young to be a grandparent.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Eyes of Texas are upon me

It's official. I am a resident of the United State of Texas. Hook em Horns!!!!! The Eyes of Texas watch everything I do.(quit staring biatch!)

I moved to Dallas in May of 2002 and had recently renewed my NM drivers license so I decided to keep it(I can be super cheap and that damn thing cost me 25 bucks. Thats 5 cocktails!!!). This was ok until a few months ago when I stopped at the local liquor store to buy a bottle of wine and thanks to my boyishly handsome looks(SHUT UP DAVID. BITE YOUR FORKED TONGUE) I was asked for ID. I gladly handed them my NM license when I was rudely told that it was expired and no wine for me!!!(Mean lesbian!!!! Let me have my wine. I should have thrown a KD Lang Cd in the opposite direction and made a break for it) Today I decided to make a run down to my local DMV office(and by DMV office I mean third world country outhouse). I had to take the written test and the driving test. The whole ordeal was tragic but thanks to my sweet hubby who helped keep me calm I passed with flying colors(75% on the written and 79% on the driving. Jealous?????)

So after all that I am know an official resident of the glorious Republic of Texas. I am gonna wear my boots proud and do my hair up real BIG. I am gonna pile that stuff up just as close to jesus as I can.... (OK David thats "Jee*zus", not "Hay*Zuse")

I feel just like Ms. Ellie....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Saturday, September 8, 2007


The first week of parenthood has been a doozy. I decided it would be best to stay up as late as I possibly can so that buddy can go out one last time for the night(and by night I mean 2AM). As sleep begins to call I force myself to watch yet another informercial to try and stay awake. I now know that Mineral based make-up is better than the other stuff and the Tai-Bo guy is still alive and hawking his workout videos again. This schedule works well for us as my other half wakes up for work at 5 and there is but a short gap of time for the new baby to leave us a nice puddle or pile of morning goodness! Why am I writing about this you ask???? Lets just say that falling asleep at 3:am is not a good thing when my early bird husband feels the need to audition for "This Old House" at 5:am(at least we now have new moulding around the door..nice work honey). Thank goodness I have a 3 week break between jobs(I left the last one- thats a whole other post) and am able to catnap in the afternoon during my Soaps. I am gonna miss being a stay at home Mom.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's a boy

After many attempts to get pregnant we decided that adoption was a much better route. I don't do morning sickness and Tom didn't want to lose his figure. We are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy. He is a Great Dane/Giant Schnauzer mix and he is absolutely adorable. His name is Buddy Maldonado-Hill and he is 12 weeks old. I never knew just how gassy a new baby can be. I have a high level of tolerance to most smells as my other baby boy can be very flatulent as well(especially after Uncle Julios and a night at the bars), but this puppy can really clear a room.He was sleeping soundly today and his puppy gas actually woke him from his slumber. I am quite the proud parent and am off to go shopping for new baby toys. Petco here we come!