Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is it Happy Hour yet?

If you read Can't never could do Nothings blog then you have officially been tagged to talk about your "5 Things". If you are reading this blog then you have officially been tagged as well. I will be checking up on you so you better do it!!!

5 Jobs that I have had:
Construction Worker- No… I never wore the tool belt and nothing else.
Security Guard- I miss the unform.
Retail Manager- I had 60 salesmen under me… I mean reporting to me.
Banking Center Manager. I would flirt with the cute guys in the drive thru and send them lollipops.
Regional Manager for a Financial Services company(Current)

5 Movies I can watch over and over again:
Steel Magnolias- “Go ahead M’Lynn slap her” “Are you high Clairee? Priceless!
A Christmas Story- They show it for 24 hours during Christmas and I watch it 3 or 4 times.
Top Gun- I was 12 when it came out and all the hot Air Force guys were just too much.. I still watch it though.
The Legend of Billie Jean- “Hubie won’t bring it back”. “How do you know”. “Cause he’s a fucker that’s how I know”
Breakfast Club- “does Barry Manilow know that you raided his wardrobe"?

5 Places that I have lived:
Los Lunas New Mexico -
Las Vegas Nevada
Albuquerque New Mexico
Arlington Texas
Dallas Texas

5 T.V. shows that I love:
ESPN Sportscenter
Food Network- The Barefoot Contessa
Kathy Griffin- My life on the D-List
Will and Grace- I still watch reruns
The Weather Channel- Storm Stories

5 Places I have been on vacation:
Key West
Napa Valley

5 Favorite Meals
Blakes Hamburger- It’s a New Mexico thing.
Freebirds Burrito- It’s a Texas thing.
Giordanos Deep Dish cheese pizza from Chicago- Oh lawd its good.
Can cheese on Ritzs crackers.

5 Places I would rather be, right now
Camping high up in the Rocky Mountains
Playing darts with my friends at Charlies Bar in Chicago
Getting a massage.
Picking out my New Infinity G35
Hanging out on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Shameless Buddy Pic

SEXY! You work it boy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Call em like you see em

I feel that you should just call things like you see them. The various commercials that I have seen lately that start out with some lady talking about moving into a new house and getting a fresh start after a difficult period in her life only to awkwardy transition into asthma medicine drive me CRAZY. Well I just saw the greatest TV ad ever. It is for the Ab Booty. Yes I said it. Ab Booty. It is a home excersise device aimed at getting you those rock hard abs and nice full booty you have always dreamed about. I had to take a double take and see if my ears were deceiving me. Did I just hear the announcer call that device an AbBooty. So I must say "Kudos" to the inventor for not calling it the HealthMax 2000 or LifeFitness XD. If it gives you a six pack and some nice junk in the trunk it should be called the AbBooty.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What the !@#$%^&*

Congestion, foggy head, lethargic... I have felt all of these and more since Thursday and I am not quite sure why. I rarely get Summer Colds but I believe I may have picked one up. I hosted a Job Fair on Thursday morning and talked to over 100 people in just a few hours. I am sure it was one of "those" people that gave it to me. Ahh. It's all in a day! Anyhoo, I painted the bathroom on Friday and now I need accessories that go with the new color. I am going shopping after this cup of coffee so wish me luck. I went out for a few beers with Senorita Boozehound on Friday and we ended up at her local Pool Hall out in the burbs. The excitement of being in a straight pool hall was just too much to take and we came back to Homo Heights after an hour or so. The Pool Hall had more lesbians than hot straight guys so no reason to stay too long.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Long weekend

I am still trying to recover from quite the whirwind weekend.

My baby turned 1 yr old on Friday the 13th. He went to the new Doggy Day Care near the house and had a blast. I saw it all on the webcam while I was at the office.

My other baby turned 48 on Sunday. We had a Fathers/Daddies Day celebration with our friend from OKC. 2 cocktails at each of our favorite bars + 2 martinis with dinner = 2 hungover guys this morning.

There was alot more that happened but my mind is still a little fuzzy so I will have to write it all down later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You should donate. I did.

I donated money to a very charitable cause today. These guys were at the intersection near my office so I felt obligated to drop a few bucks in the boot.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Does this look "The Commish" to you?

If you remember the television show "The Commish" you must remember the lovable Michael Chiklis. Here is the new and improved version from "The Shield"

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm keepin my baby

Have you ever had "New Car Fever"? I had a bad case all Spring and was ready to spend my future Asian/African/European babies college fund on a new Infinity G35. What happened you ask? $4.00 a gallon gas happened. The G35 gets like 14 MPG and while it is sexy, hot, grrrrrr, fun I can't justify trading down in MPG. So when I decided to keep the old clunker I knew there were some fixer uppers that needed to be done. Apparently you need to change the TPS and have the I-Values reset back to specs every 50,000 miles(duh, everybody knows that). I could only hope that these things would eliminate the Check Engine light and the idling problem I had been having for a year. I received a call a mere couple of hours after dropping the beast off at the service department and was told" She's ready". Of course my next questions was "How much"? The reply came like shrieking fingernails down a chalk board.......... $551.90. For a TPS and the I-Value reset(still have no idea what either does). I begrudgingly went to pick up the newly TPS'd bucket of bolts and with tears in my eyes handed the cashier my credit card. She gave me my receipt and showed me to the vehicle. To my surprise and utter disbelief my antenna had been replaced. I had lived without an antenna for a year now. None of the good stations would come in. Was this on my bill?? I didn't authorize this!!! I happened to run into the service advisor that checked me in earlier and he smiled and said" I noticed your antenna was broken. I went ahead and replaced it free of charge" FREE OF CHARGE! My tears of sadness turned into tears of joy and I am now at peace with keeping my baby for at least another year.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bobby Labonte want's you to watch NASCAR

And I just want to watch Bobby Labonte. Woof!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Return of the Blog-Slacker

I am back from Chicago and once again I have returned STD free!!! My other half did pick up something but he swears he fell down and scraped himself and that's how he picked up those pesky crabs. I feel like Chicago has become somewhat of a second home as my best friends have been there for almost a year now and we have been there for business or pleasure at least 4 times. The first 4 days were a blur as I was in Spreadheet/PowerPoint overload however it was somewhat entertaining and I did get to hang out with fellow Tax Bitches that I only see once a year. After a relaxing Thursday evening we made up for lost party time on Friday and next thing you know our flight was leaving O Hare on Sunday night. The highlight of the trip was the local Mayfest celebration that is held in German-Town. I had a beer called Maiboch and all I can say is "sookie sookie now". That beer will make you lose your panties real quick. Well I am glad to be back in Dallas I can't wait for our next trip to the Windy City.