Friday, October 24, 2008

!@#$%^&*() !!!!!!!

Brandon Cox was gone. We had a new offensive scheme. We were pre-season top 10 and seemingly flying under the radar typically given to USC, LSU, OSU and Texas. The start of the College Football season was so promising. Fast Forward to last night and me deciding to slip my head out of the noose and step off the chair. It has been brutal and at 4-4 it may get worse. We still have Georgia and the hated Crimson Tide to come. On a lighter note I didn't actually watch the game last night. A friend from OKC came down and we all went to Tuna Does Vegas at the Bass Hall. We had dinner before the show and to our joyous surprise there were $5 Martinis. Lets just say that I should have been the Designated Driver and only had a few glasses of wine. Today was spent with a killer headache and a nauseated head spinning feeling. I had a bright idea that a quick workout would make me feel better but I quit after 15 minutes fearing that I may vomit in the little cubby hole of the treadmill.

For Thomas...

When I first moved to Dallas I went to the State Fair of Texas and was initially repulsed by the thought of a Fried Oreo. After prodding by a friend I tried one bite and have been hooked ever since. They take an Oreo and dip it in some sort of batter and then deep fry it. The finished product is sprinkled with powdered sugar and served while still warm. You get 4 to an order but I have never been able to eat more than two. They are particularly tasty after a few draft beers and a long walk visiting all of the exhibits on the fairgrounds.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


My mundane week in a nutshell:

Recruited employees for the upcoming tax season.

Had dinner and drinks with the Hubby after a bad day on Wednesday.

Went to the St. Fair of Texas on Thursday. 1 corny dog, fried Oreos, and several warm tap beers later I had to go to the gym twice on Friday.

House/Cat sat on Sat. for the neighbor lady.

Bought an HDTV and watched the Cowboys lose on Sunday.

Can you keep up with all that??? I may need to but a PDA or a calendar or something!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hazard Pay

Who knew that being a District Manager for a Tax company could be so dangerous. As I sat at my desk in one of my stores on Friday afternoon I was caught off guard by the sound of semi automatic gunfire. I was shocked at he noise but wasn't really convinced as it did not sound like the movies at all. I didn't fully believe what I had heard until I saw people out on the sidewalk go running for cover. Instinctively I told my employee that was working with me to hide in the bathroom but as she was heading in that direction we heard tires squeal as the robbers left the scene. Apparently an armored car guard had been robbed at gunpoint at the store right next to us. The guard offered no resistance but these filthy animals felt it necessary to shoot at him as they jumped in the getaway car. Two machine guns were fired and these losers were only able to graze the guard in the hip. The whole scene was surreal and it really didn't register in my mind what actually happened until later in the day. I had a busy weekend and was able to keep my mind off the entire ordeal but I am sure that I will be very jumpy to loud noises for a while. I want hazard pay and I think we need to add kevlar vests to our uniform ordering guide.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Magazine Rack

I bought a magazine rack. I actually bought a copper basket that I could not find a use for and it became a magazine rack. I need to take my magazine rack backwards in time 5 years so that it can save countless arguments, nagging sessions, and verbal smackdowns.

My loving hubby has a tail... thats right, a rat tail. He is part packrat. One of the many things he obsessively orders, buys, collects, and then keeps waaaay too long are magazines. Foodie Magazines, Business Magazines, Fashion Magazines, and for a while a newsletter type magazine that had naughty pics of "Marines" tossing off. "I signed up free for this magazine since they offer it at work". "I had to use my expiring airline miles so I ordered these 6 magazines". "I was in this magazine in 1984 so I have to subscribe to it". These are all phrases that I have heard over the last 5 years. Last week I finally decided ENOUGH. I will not win this battle. He will not stop buying them, nor will he throw them away when he is done reading them. I can't even hope for him to stack them neatly on the coffee table. This is when I decided to buy a damn magazine rack and stop whining about it. Did it really take me 5 years to learn this?? Can I possibly be that stubborn???

We now have a shiny new accessory and I can sleep better a night knowing the coffee table is neat and organized.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I am NOT a Sooner fan by any means however I do fancy 1 Sooner a little bit.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

The sky is falling...The sky is falling

It cost me 42.75 to fill my tank last year at this time and it has now increased to 52.50.

There are as many categories of food costs that have dropped since last year as there are that have increased.

It cost me 240 to fly to Chicago a week ago and it cost 256 at the same time last year.

My 401k has increased, decreased, and increased again(go is based heavily on stocks. Thats what they do).

The mortgage payment is still the same since we only bought as much house as we could afford.

My car insurance has not changed.

My electric bill is still high but is nearly identical to last year.

I still have a job..the same one I had last year.

I know that some people have been hit hard with the economy pitfalls this last year, but how much of the hardships have been caused by poor decision making individually??? It just seems to me that a majority of our great people have become very reactive and then want to blame"circumstances" for their hardships.


I know that my stance may not be the most popular amongst the masses but I just had to get that off my chest.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I need a vacation- from my vacation

Thursday- Great start- No airplane cocktails. Iced Tea at dinner( i know..hard to believe). Darts...a few drinks...more darts..pool...more drinks.. home at midnight.
Friday- Feel great . Have coffee. go to lunch. Famous last words from my friends-"you have to try the Bloody Mary here"- Not sure what happened for the next 14 hours but I know we came stumbling in at 4Am.
Saturday- Not as spry as Friday morning- Solution: Drink more coffee. The official plan for the day: Stay close to home and watch College Football. Actual happenings: Bolt to the Gay Bar with the huge Plasma TVs and have them turn the game on. Rum, Vodka, and Beer oh my!
Sunday- Serious hangover. No more cocktails! Hang outside on our friends patio. Enjoy the nice weather. It's 12 Noon. The NFL games are starting. Just one Rum and OJ to take the edge off. 12 hours later...crawl to bedroom and pray the bedspins would go away soon.
Monday- pack and get ready to head to Ohare on a rainy afternoon. This will be great. The flight was only had 1 thirty minute delay. Tom only spilled 1 drink on himself during the flight back. I only had 1 "Mile High" experience during the flight back.