Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mr. Kenny Rogers- Not the country crooner-Rotisserie chicken guy

Mugshot looking pic but still hot.

Former Texas Ranger and current Detroit Tiger.( He just told that little guy(the CATCHER) for the tigers what he wants to do with him. The little guy seems surprised but interested.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No more HGTV.

I have to go on a self imposed ban from HGTV. My sister moved into a new apartment. She is young, straight, and has ZERO budget for design. I have spent the last two weekends with her at Target, Pier One, and Crate and Barrel. Her window panels tie in with the comforter in the bedroom. The barstools bring out the accessories in the dining room. The bathroom is spa like and luxurious. This is all in a 800 sf apartment in the hood!!!! I can't help myself. I need to stop accessorizing. Put the floating shelf and framed mirror down and back away from the ergonomically correct leather chair! I enjoy many masculine things such as College Football, NFL, MLB, NHL, March Madness, and Nascar but when I get near home accessories, fab paint colors, or sexy new furniture I put down my football, pick up my purse and head out to do some serious damage.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I don't want to be Daddy!!

I have always been attracted to older men. I was 19 and I chased the mid 30s guys. I was in my mid 20s and I would gravitate to the mid 40s guys. I am now 33 and painfully must admit that the 19 year olds look at me like I am some kind of mid 30s Daddy. Am I responsible to uphold that expectation? My hubby is 48 and in my humble opinion very attractive. I believe that it's OK to look as long as you don't touch( long as you don't touch for too long) and I always seem to check out the older guys around me. I expect them to be Daddylicious, masculine, dominate and a symbol of authority. I appreciate gray hair and a little extra around the middle. Wrinkles are a sign of experience and I am cool with that. I don't feel that I am ready to be "That Guy". Curse these twink queens that want me to pay their tuition to gay college. Curse them(even if some of them are kinda cute). I miss 1999!!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Kristian from Sugarland(and that damn Jennifer Nettles too. I need to learn how to use photoshop and erase her out of this one.

Here is the hottie all by himself!!


Inner Peace.

I must have been on my period or something. I am better now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All we need is just a little.....


I am normally so positive, laid back, and pretty well easy going so why do I feel like I am about to snap at the next person that makes a stupid comment? I seriously am very grumpy and I can't quite seem to snap out of it. Arrrg!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do you like to jump rope

How about if you are doing it with Tommy Rowland?

Compliments of TottyWorld!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


The T.V. show... not the "toast". There is something to be said about going somewhere and knowing that "everybody knows your name". Before my best friends(you know the ones. The dirty hookers that packed up and moved to Chicago on the hopes that they would become Oprah "regulars" and get free shit on her shiteous "Favorite Things" episodes) left Dallas we had our own little version of Cheers. We would play darts and have cocktails. We would sing karaoke and have cocktails. David would have sex in the bathrooms and we would have cocktails. Through it all we became regulars and always had our favorite table waiting for us and never waited for a drink even during the busiest times. Tonight the hubby and I had dinner at one of our Favs's and it was nice to get a hug from the Mgr. and for all of the wait staff to greet us in their own little way(Hide the Gin!! The martini queens are back). Sometimes it seems fun to go out and chase the latest and the greatest but I never take for granted the familiar comfort of the tried and true.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Lawd NO!!

So after a nice dinner my hubby and I stopped at our local Gay Piano bar for a cocktail. The crowd was boy.girl.boy.girl.boy. WHAT?? Our little gay bar has gone straight. The girl at the end of the bar was painfully skinny with small little Olsen Twin twin teeth. She had Supercut bangs and flea market silver metallic flip flops. She thought that she was the cats meow. After being ignored by her Straight suitor she turned to her trusty companion. Her cell phone that turned into a full size computer keyboard. While our Fab little straight girl was texting her best girlfriends a very fun song started playing. Snap- Rythym is a dancer. "You can feel it everywhere!!. After hearing this Fab retro song Ms. Redneck Texas puts her HUGE phone in her mouth and pumps her fists in the air. Left. Right. Left, Right-- Rythym is a Dancer. You go girl. She was tapping her foot so hard on her barstool that her silver metallic flip flop almost fell off her crusty foot. OH LAWD!!!


Buddy Pic

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Star Game

Watchin the All Star game and thought about Pat Burrell.

Hey man.. Can you spare some gas?

You know gas prices are high when panhandlers stop asking you to spare some money and just cut right to the chase and say"hey man...can you get me some gas". I do find it quite annoying that in my neighborhood I have to endure these people when I am filling up the tank. If you "WILL WORK FOR FOOD" then prove it and go get a job.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Boss's Boss

This week was somewhat of a blur. The owner/President/el jefe of my company was in town to tour the North Texas District for one of our several business channels that we operate here. While my division was not being inspected I was asked to tour the stores as a relationship building effort between divisions. El Jefe is a serious Type A personality with minor ADD as well. We began each day at 9am and wrapped up around 10pm each night. It would have been later but I decided to skip dinner and drinks. While I was exhausted by the end of my trip it was a good opportunity for some brown nosing...... I mean face time with el presidente.

I bought buddy a new toy on Wednesday evening and he told me that it was the greatest toy EVER(he gave me a big sloppy kiss and sniffed my crotch). While I caught up on emails late that night he was on the couch just chewing away on one of the 4 thick braided ropes that were sticking out of a hard rubber chew toy. When it was finally bed time I shut down the laptop and headed upstairs only to discover that it wasn't the ropes he was chewing on. The WONDER dog had been chewing the hard rubber part of the toy. Not just chewing it but swallowing pieces as well. A full bowl of food, a hard rubber bone, and smooth braided rope all available to WONDERMUTT and he would rather EAT plastic!!! Speak of the devil... Someone is awake and needs to go do his business. I am sure I will find blue plastic when I pick up his......

Monday, July 7, 2008

Who's the lucky guy?

Who's the lucky guy being mounted by Roger Clemens?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back to reality

After a laid back week it is back to reality tomorrow. I celebrated birthday number 33 on Tuesday with cocktails and dinner with the hubby. Thanks babe!. I also helped my sister get ready for her move next week into her new place. We were able to see the fireworks from downtown from our back yard so we enjoyed that on Friday evening. I was best friends with my couch all day Saturday so we hung out and spent some quality time together. Sunday was the Mens Finals of Wimbledon and the match was one of the best ever. I now plan on a having a glass of red wine and watching last weeks Kathy Griffin episode that I recorded on Thursday. I hope everyone had a great week.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

100% pure DIVA. Timeless and Priceless.

When I was 4 my cousins used to dress me up in a white t-shirt and put a belt around it to make it look like a dress. I used to sing this song into a tennis raquet. I had no chance to be straight!!!