Saturday, July 28, 2007

The return of Karen Walker

My good friend came for a visit this weekend. She was originally part of the Fantastic 4 whcih was a group of drinking, pool playing barflies which consisted of myself, the hubby, my best friend and her. She was sinced banished by the Evil Queen to live a desolate life in wonderful ABQ NM. That being my hometown I truly feel her pain and understanad why a trip back to Dallas can be so fun. The afternoon started with a quick trip to Grapevine(1hr) to pick her up. Hugs and Kisses later we are on our way to our favorite drinking establishment. Its like the Gay Cheers for us(except no cute bartender that looks like Woody). I decided to drink beer for some strange reason and she chose the always tasty Jack and Diet. Many games of pool, darts, and bad karaoke versions of our favorite songs later someone was a little buzzed(VICKIE NO> NO MORE COCKTAILS GIRL). While I live here in Dallas, Vickie lives in GP so off we go to take her home. It was so wonderful to see my Karen and I am sad she has to go back on Sunday. I finally got home after making a quick stop for a Bag of Goodness(Whataburger).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Laundry Fairy

My sweet hubby has the notion that every night when he falls asleep the Laundry Fairy flies through the house picking up all the dirty clothes and washes, dries folds and puts them all away. I just had to crush his dreams and tell him that all this time its been ME! I guess breaking the news about Santa will have to be next. Poor Baby! Downtown was a mess yesterday as a result of a Gas related explosion near there. People at work were saying it was the Terrorists, but it turns out that Dallas is just not that important to them and it was merely an accident. In other news our TEXAS RANGERS swept the M's in four straight games. We are only 13 games behind LA.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My first time(I know..breath. It will only hurt for a minute)

Ok, You all must be patient as I learn this blog stuff. I don't have any pics, vids or links right now but I will get there. Any help will be greatly appreciated! So I thought that I would put some of what the voices in my head are telling me everyday in writing. My title is Sports Nut in Dallas and that may be an understatment. I will watch anything sports related and the other half does not approve. He likes college football and thats about it. My best friends(who divorced me to move to Chicago) like sports about as much as he does so hopefully I can meet others that appreciate SEC fotball, Tennis, Basketball, NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS and NASCAR(enough acronyms!)as much as me.