Saturday, July 28, 2007

The return of Karen Walker

My good friend came for a visit this weekend. She was originally part of the Fantastic 4 whcih was a group of drinking, pool playing barflies which consisted of myself, the hubby, my best friend and her. She was sinced banished by the Evil Queen to live a desolate life in wonderful ABQ NM. That being my hometown I truly feel her pain and understanad why a trip back to Dallas can be so fun. The afternoon started with a quick trip to Grapevine(1hr) to pick her up. Hugs and Kisses later we are on our way to our favorite drinking establishment. Its like the Gay Cheers for us(except no cute bartender that looks like Woody). I decided to drink beer for some strange reason and she chose the always tasty Jack and Diet. Many games of pool, darts, and bad karaoke versions of our favorite songs later someone was a little buzzed(VICKIE NO> NO MORE COCKTAILS GIRL). While I live here in Dallas, Vickie lives in GP so off we go to take her home. It was so wonderful to see my Karen and I am sad she has to go back on Sunday. I finally got home after making a quick stop for a Bag of Goodness(Whataburger).

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Vicky said...

It was so great to see my JACK!!! Who was such a great friend to pick me up and take me home when the time came!!! Yes it was time to go I did have more cocktails that I probably should have and today I was hating life. :)