Monday, November 12, 2007

Beware of old men taking Shadoobies

So I walk out the front door of the Condo to take Buddy for a walk and I hear the grunts of some old man who is in the grassy area near my front door. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? There is no way I just witnessed someone having a bowel movement in my front yard was there? I did what any butch manly man would do and I screamed like Mariah Carey and ran in. I asked daddy Tom to go investigate and upon further inspection there was indeed a very large Shadoobie in the lawn area. Why me? Have I shit on people in my life and this is their cumulative revenge? We decided to call the Police just in case this was someone with Alzheimers who was simply lost and in need of a good shit and then we called the Homeowners Association to have the dung removed. I pick up enough with Buddy and was not going to pick up the old guys poo.Eeeewwww!


Akoni S. Chaput said...

LOVED the fried latte Love me some fried anything! Cept the cellulite it can leave in the process of

Holy Cra-zap! I truely am sorry to hear someone had the gull to leave a Shadoobie in your front yard, but I cracked up when you said....."Have I shit on people in my life and is this their cumulative revenge?"

Hope all is well where you are brotherman!

Geoff said...

Great Blog, enjoyed reading about everything...including the poop thing....gross. The vid of your baby is awesome!