Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 weeks

It's been a crazy two weeks.
Worked (11) Fourteen hour days in a row.

Found out the dog has allergies.. To go with his sensitive stomach and fear of boxes.

Had a visit from the Boss. It went well.

Hung out with Senorita Boozehound on many occassions for frosty adult beverages.

While hanging out with MS Boozehound we met a stripper who told us that he had a very small penis but he is cool with it since he is a bottom.

Went to a Dallas Stars game and my friend Karen knocked over some guys beer when she stood up to cheer a goal. He offered to take his jersey off so she could sit on it and she said no. DUMB!. He was cute so I asked if I could sit on his "jersey"


Thomas said...

Work hours - yuk.
drinking - YAY
Beer bobble - Did Karen learn from this experience?

And that is awesome that you manned up and asked for the jersey!

Thomas said...

I'm missing you.

Thomas said...

*maybe if I say it louder?*


Thomas said...

OH that's what I meant to tell you... when I (actually the vet)neutered my Solomonster, his summer allergies went away. But then he went and developed winter allergies. go figure.