Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tax Season- 120 Days
Sleepless Nights- 120 Nights
Feeling that I can finally take a breath and relax- Priceless

I just returned from Chicago where I attended a business conference. Tragic 1980's inspired ballrooms. Poor A/V equipment. Presenters that fear public speaking. Yeah, I had a blast. I did follow that up with 3 days of hanging out in Boys Town and sleeping until Noon everyday.

In my first moment of clarity after Tax Season I have decided that I need to further my education. I am 36 Hours away from a B.S. Electrical Engineering degree but have decided to pursue other interests. Executive V.P of Floral Arrangements for Elton John Inc. is my desired position so I better get to work quickly.


manxxman said...

I understand he can be moody and bitchy......I'd rethink that one if I were you. How about becoming a pole dancer.....I'd tip you.

Thomas said...

Massage Therapist

Underwear Model

Porn Star

Gradual steps, or you could just dive on in. Send me a vid and I'll proof it for you.