Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Has it been a month already??

Time flies when you are having fun...

My employment was in question as my company decided what to do with the Tax division. Close it and leave poor Joey homeless and destitute?? I wish. I could have used the vacation. Instead we have merged with another division to create a Mega-giganto- Super division. I am still the DM for North Texas, should be receiving a raise in July, and actually have less work to do than before. Woo-Hoo!

I Finally joined Facebook. I know, I know- It's already outdated. I am just not really into staying connected with EVERYONE on the planet. My real friends have my telephone number and we call/text/blackberry message when things happen. I am "Joseph Maldonado" on Facebook if you want to be my friend or whatever.

The hubby had a B-day yesterday. This year was low key. Next year is the one that I better start planning for right now. He turns the big 5-0.

College football will be here in 80 days. I will finally be at peace with the world(at least for 4 months).


manxxman said...

So where have you been......I've missed your amusing posts. I thought that maybe you really did go to the Betty Ford. I've added you as a friend on Facebook today.


daveincleveland said...

well look who has resurfaced ..was wondering if everything was ok..great news about the job...welcome back