Sunday, October 21, 2007

College Football Weekend

We had another weekend of many upsets in the top ten but the highlight of the weekend was the LSU vs Auburn game. My hubby the Auburn fanatic and our good friend the LSU psychofan had a great time talking trash all game long. Hubby was doing most of the trash talking until LSU threw essentially a hail mary pass with 6 seconds left and it was a catch in the end zone(BOO). It was a great game and we had a blast. We are off to the State Fair as this is the last day it will run so maybe they will be giving away some cool stuff. The other half likes to play the kiddie games and then do the dance of joy when he beats them. He does end up giving them the stuffed animal in the end, but not until he rubs their little noses in it that he fills up a balloon with water faster than anyone in the land!

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manxxman said...

He ought to consider taking all of the stuffed animals he wins and bring them to a local hospital. There are lots of kids for whom that would be a great treat.