Monday, January 28, 2008

Not so bad


I was very stressed out when writing my last post. I had not had a day off in weeks and my normal schedule of 4 hours a day was a distant memory. I have to say that after a month of Tax Season things are not all that bad. I have actually had time to have dinner with the hubby, hang out with my sister, and go to the FT. Worth Stock Show in the last week(Wrangler butts for days!!!). I only have 2 more months of madness and then I will be reminded of why I signed on for this Tax life in the first place. Have you filed yet????


Vicky said...

It must be nice to take time to look at the Wrangler butts!! I'll see you later this month. Senorita Boozehound is coming to town!!

Akoni S. Chaput said...

Wrangler butts are ALWAYS nice to look

We are waiting for our taxes to come on home to our ever so welcome wallet. Glad to hear you are still having a good time even though you are working insane hours.