Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bad Dog!

So after 5 VERY well behaved months our little Buddy has turned into Crack Dog. Yes... He has somehow made it out of the house without our knowledge and purchased CRACK. He then smokes it on the way home!!! Its the only thing that explains his recent behavior. He started to shred paper that we left at BUDDY level. He has taken his anger out on a plant, 2 CDs, my business cards, a laser poiner that my Hubby used to tease him with, and just about everything else you can imagine. We were wondering at what age to have the Boy snipped but I think this recent behavior has proven that it must be Sooner than Later. He is also going to obedience school. Maybe I will get a discount if I send Buddy and Tom at the same time!

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Akoni Chaput said...

Yeappers, I say Buddy was, or "is" in need of an intervention. Cause crack is whacked! Whitney says so....

I think though a good snippet would do the trick...along with the obidience school. I've seen dogs who come back from schooling and they are completely different dogs....obidient-wise anyways.

Good luck Brotherman! Bring us all some pictures of your big ole' family!