Thursday, March 13, 2008

Captain No-Balls

Well... We finally did it. We took our boy in and had him "snipped". I was told by many that this would calm him down and make him a little less "feisty" however that is not the case. We have completely Puppy Proofed the entire house so at least he doesn't have anything to chew up but I swear that he sneaks out of the house and walks downtown and buys CRACK from some of our local Drug Vendors.
After a very busy first half of Tax Season I will be taking a very deserved mini vacation to Chicago for my very very very old( Were talking age not length of time known) friends B-Day. He is 128 years young!!! This time next week I will be sipping cocktails on their patio( If it's not snowing) and relaxing all my stress away.

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