Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mama He's Lazy

It's true. I have been sooo lazy the last few weeks. I bought some stuff to organize the closets and there they sit. They seem to sneer at me everytime I go get a pair of shoes. My office at work needs some luvin as well and yet here I sit. I am hoping that the trip to Chicago will motivate me and recharge my batteries. I am normally a very driven and focused person but lately it seems I am in some sort of haze. I guess I need a Claratin.

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Akoni Chaput said...

Lol...nice one buddy! Don't worry Bro, it (the haze) will go away. All in due time. Here's to hoping the trip to Chicago does do the trick. I can totally see that happening too.... you coming back from the trip, and looking for a "new feel" to the house and then eventualy you'll feel your office at work.

All in due time Brother.

Hope all is well with you....it's been along time since I've checked it! Hugz.