Saturday, May 24, 2008

Be careful what you throw in the trash

Our Condo is located in a quiet community near the Gayborhood and Love Field Airport. Most of our neighbors are either Med students from UT Southwestern Hospital or they tend to be older couples who have been here for a long time. The arrival of "Buddy the Wonder Dog" brought us together with many of our neighbors as they could not help but want to hang out with the owners of the cool new puppy. One of these new friends has recently confided in us that he is a "dumpster diver" and that he will jump INSIDE the huge dumpster to snoop. He told us of the breakup between the couple in 6445 and how "Mrs 6445" threw away alot of expensive items that belonged to "Mr. 6445". He also told us that Mr. 6484 that we all assumed was "Straight"(and is very WOOF-alicious) has recently disposed of a substantial GAY porn collection. It makes me stop and think before I throw "questionable" items in the dumpster. Now you will have to excuse me as I am baking cookies right now and I seem to be out of sugar. I think I will go over to the nice gentleman that lives in 6484 and see if he will lend me some......


Thomas said...

Oh dear! What self respecting homosexual would through out perfectly good porn? Something is amiss in the gayborhood. *but me tinks it be the diver*

By the way: Netti pot - been doing that for a long time now. Breathing through the snoz is just fine. It's the clogged lung bubbles that need to repair. But I am glad that you know about nasal saline drainage. *woot*

btw: did you get some sugah?

Tlaloc said...

I have never known you to bake cookies.....SUGER SLUT!

Love ya,