Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yes... I am a slacker. I have not posted in a while. I have no excuses other than I spent my time online looking at porn. What kind of porn you ask?? You will just have to ask me to find out!!! Here is a quick wrap up from the last few weeks:
1. Friends came to town and we partied.
2. Received a semi-promotion when my District was increased from 10 stores to 23 stores.
3. Little sister dumped boyfriend and is staying with us for a few months.
4. Watching American Idol and very excited that David Cook is still alive(quasi man crush. I know..I know).
5. Realized that my salt n pepper hair that I used to get comments like" Its so hot. You are so young and it makes you look sexy" have turned into " your hair is not THAT gray". Arrrg!!!
6. Buddy is now over 100 lbs. and still a crack puppy!

Thats about it. A quick wrap up of my so called life! At least the last few weeks of it.

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Thomas said...

so, what kind of porn? ...and welcome back.