Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sports Heaven

Auburn beats Miss ST. in a 3-2 THRILLER. While the final score did look pretty bad it was the best 3-2 football game I have seen.

The Broncos dominate all game only to lose the lead in the 4th to the hated Chargers. We then pull off a last second comeback after converting on a 2 point play after the touchdown. WOW.

The Colts look terrible all game long but Peyton just keeps pushing(Mmmmm. Peyton Pushing) and we finally win 18-15.

USC destroyed Ohio State. The Buckeyes are clearly overrated and have been for a while. The only thing good to come out of OSU is Kirk Herbstreit.


Thomas said...

Now you know I'm not much of a football aficianado (at all). But I did get some facetime of him on the TV and he looks all sexy cute when he's pouting.

Who is Gary whatever and his bucknuts?

daveincleveland said...

oh damn dude the blue eyes, the