Monday, December 17, 2007

Is it true? Am I really ready for Christmas?

The answer is a resounding YES. I have purchased gifts, decorated the house and the office, and have reservations made for Christmas Brunch. Most years on Dec. 17th you will find me saying" I really need to go shopping and start getting ready for Christmas", but not this year. Am I finally maturing and being more responsible? Is this the first step in my 12 Step Program on How Not To Be such a Procrastinator? Not so much! I was bored at work last week so I did a little shopping on line and I received some coupons from Macys that expired on the 16th so I had a deadline to meet. I still feel very relieved that all is in order and now I can relax and be merry no matter what my motivation was.


SweetPea said...

Hey baby Boy!! Yeah we are both done!!!Ashton is owndering if any presents are gonna be for him! U better call him on friday, for his birthday!!!

Akoni S. Chaput said...

Love the fact you have found the first to the twelve steps on 'how not to be a procratinator'

Perhaps you can give me a crash corse? I have been labeled the king of procratination and even have recieved shirts with this title on

Oh welly, one day I will become an adult and do my part to be ontop of things.....

one day.

Hugs and Love Brah, hope you and your hubbs had a blast opening the presents!!!