Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Regular Season College Football is Over- Boo!

Auburn is going to the Chik.fil.A Bowl- BOO!!!! We'll get em next year. Best of luck to the OTHER Tigers in the National Championship.

Work is finally becoming more like work-YEAH I am actually having to go into the office and yell at people... Just kidding...

Buddy is losing his baby teeth- Woo Hoo... No more scratches when we wrestle.

Hubby is losing his Adult Teeth- YEAH. I wont have to yell "no teeth" when he is... You know... Just kidding!!!! Love ya babe!

Christmas is almost here- I Love me some Christmas time.

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Akoni S. Chaput said...


Sorry to hear that Regular Season College Football is over for you...and I hope your team kicks some serious ass next year brah!!!

Work here is acutally starting to feel like work too...no more driving 300+ miles a day for me. It's one spot, or building rather for the 8+ hours.

AND....awesome to hear that Buddy is loosing his baby teeth, I Sooo know that they are like little needles and they can hurt.

On the other hand, I had no idea this was a "XXX" blog...lol. Just kidding, it made me laugh when you said......."no teeth, when he is...you know"

You rock Brotherman...hope all is well where you are!