Thursday, October 2, 2008

The sky is falling...The sky is falling

It cost me 42.75 to fill my tank last year at this time and it has now increased to 52.50.

There are as many categories of food costs that have dropped since last year as there are that have increased.

It cost me 240 to fly to Chicago a week ago and it cost 256 at the same time last year.

My 401k has increased, decreased, and increased again(go is based heavily on stocks. Thats what they do).

The mortgage payment is still the same since we only bought as much house as we could afford.

My car insurance has not changed.

My electric bill is still high but is nearly identical to last year.

I still have a job..the same one I had last year.

I know that some people have been hit hard with the economy pitfalls this last year, but how much of the hardships have been caused by poor decision making individually??? It just seems to me that a majority of our great people have become very reactive and then want to blame"circumstances" for their hardships.


I know that my stance may not be the most popular amongst the masses but I just had to get that off my chest.


Thomas said...

Well aren't you the little pig with the brick house! All that huffing and puffing from all the little chickens sure seems to miss it's mark on you. I also noticed that beer hasn't changed in pricing. We do have some priorities in order. I do tend to think that all the humpty dumpty CEO failures that recieved those golden eggs should fork over some of that yolk to their failed businesses. But what I think tends to be worth a handful of magic beans.

hee hee - that was fun.


Thomas said...

get this: not 30 minutes after that insane bill was passed I had a former complainer call me and ask me why our stock price had not gone up! I had to laugh, and I did.