Sunday, October 19, 2008


My mundane week in a nutshell:

Recruited employees for the upcoming tax season.

Had dinner and drinks with the Hubby after a bad day on Wednesday.

Went to the St. Fair of Texas on Thursday. 1 corny dog, fried Oreos, and several warm tap beers later I had to go to the gym twice on Friday.

House/Cat sat on Sat. for the neighbor lady.

Bought an HDTV and watched the Cowboys lose on Sunday.

Can you keep up with all that??? I may need to but a PDA or a calendar or something!!!


Thomas said...

What happened Wednesday Joey?

How was the fried oreo. Everyone at work was talking about them and all they said was, "It's weird".

So discriptive.

JOEY said...

Tom had a stressful day. I was forced to drink 2 martinis because I was feeling "sympathy" stress.

Thomas said...

That's where the fried Oreo comes in?

Chin up everyone, Everything's alright, Everything's okay, Everything's gonna be fine!

If you can name the source of that tune, I'll buy you a Christmas Present. *you gotta think "young"*

or old, depending on your perspective.

Thomas said...

hmmmm, I was looking for an update on...


Thomas said...

YOU STILL HAVEN'T shared the mystery that is FRIED OREO!!!

So NOW you must blog about it.