Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Magazine Rack

I bought a magazine rack. I actually bought a copper basket that I could not find a use for and it became a magazine rack. I need to take my magazine rack backwards in time 5 years so that it can save countless arguments, nagging sessions, and verbal smackdowns.

My loving hubby has a tail... thats right, a rat tail. He is part packrat. One of the many things he obsessively orders, buys, collects, and then keeps waaaay too long are magazines. Foodie Magazines, Business Magazines, Fashion Magazines, and for a while a newsletter type magazine that had naughty pics of "Marines" tossing off. "I signed up free for this magazine since they offer it at work". "I had to use my expiring airline miles so I ordered these 6 magazines". "I was in this magazine in 1984 so I have to subscribe to it". These are all phrases that I have heard over the last 5 years. Last week I finally decided ENOUGH. I will not win this battle. He will not stop buying them, nor will he throw them away when he is done reading them. I can't even hope for him to stack them neatly on the coffee table. This is when I decided to buy a damn magazine rack and stop whining about it. Did it really take me 5 years to learn this?? Can I possibly be that stubborn???

We now have a shiny new accessory and I can sleep better a night knowing the coffee table is neat and organized.


Thomas said...

Very kool, you have a shiney dust collector.

Good news: my pop just sold a bunch of old magazines he'd been "collecting" for years. About 7 differen subscriptions totalling 30 years. He just bagged $7000.00. Maybe that might give you pause.

Think of all the dusting you'll do over the years. Plenty of exercise Hazel. Get to work.

Oh - and tell all your friends and bloggers to vote for Kelly on

Thomas said...

I have very strange dreams. I actual dreamt about your dust collector. And my mind incorporated the Marine Mags and the following sentence about getting them at work. I guess that portion of your blog stuck in my head as a funny notion. And apparently I was interviewing at that "job location" for the magazine perk. *you can tell where my priorities are now, huh?*

manxxman said...

My hubby is the same way....and we have way too many magazines. My solution is that I throw away the ones on the bottom of the baskets. He never goes back and looks at them (who needs Southern Living from 2002). Of course I never tell him what I'm up to, but as it is my job to keep the house neat and tidy that has become my solution.