Friday, October 24, 2008

!@#$%^&*() !!!!!!!

Brandon Cox was gone. We had a new offensive scheme. We were pre-season top 10 and seemingly flying under the radar typically given to USC, LSU, OSU and Texas. The start of the College Football season was so promising. Fast Forward to last night and me deciding to slip my head out of the noose and step off the chair. It has been brutal and at 4-4 it may get worse. We still have Georgia and the hated Crimson Tide to come. On a lighter note I didn't actually watch the game last night. A friend from OKC came down and we all went to Tuna Does Vegas at the Bass Hall. We had dinner before the show and to our joyous surprise there were $5 Martinis. Lets just say that I should have been the Designated Driver and only had a few glasses of wine. Today was spent with a killer headache and a nauseated head spinning feeling. I had a bright idea that a quick workout would make me feel better but I quit after 15 minutes fearing that I may vomit in the little cubby hole of the treadmill.


Thomas said...

That's what you get for speaking in tongues about football stuff.

eeew you said VOMIT!

Thomas said...

Yep, still jibberish.
But I do understand "vomit"