Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Crackberry has arrived

I can finally trade in my company brick phone for a new Sprint Blackberry. My new toy arrived last friday and although my IT rep wouldn't return my call to get me activated until Tuesday, and then the activation went bad due to no more corporate licenses and my text messaging wasn't active ...I am finally happy!!! In my previous line of work I always had the latest and greatest phone that was available. I would trade my phone in every 6 months or so but the last few years I had whatever my company gave me which had been junk until now. I really wont take advantage of a fraction of it's capabilities as the only things I do are talk and text. I do like to check sports scores when I am out but with my luck they deactivated that feature at corporate office.


Thomas said...

DAMN Big Brother, ruining all the fun.

but oooh lookie, it's pretty and masculine!

manxxman said...

Can you still check out the "personal" adds?