Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And I'm taking my stapler with me

My friend Dalton was in town and we had great time. He was only here for one day so we didn't get into too much trouble, however we did try a new restaurant and shoot some darts while enjoying a frosty beverage or two.

I mentioned previously that I am in the mortgage industry and this seems to be the worst place to be employed right now. My company laid off 80 people on Monday, but yours truly made the final cut and remain gainfully employed. The opportunity that I have with another company looks very promising(I have offered sexual favors to the director of operations)and I should find out if I am selected within a few weeks. If this job falls throught then I will be working Harry Hines by months end. I hope those bastards at work know that if I am laid off I will make a scene. I will throw files, push over my computer monitor and be real dramatic on my way out. And I am taking my stapler with me(Its real nice and never jams)!


Brent said...

Don't burn your bridges.

JOEY said...

I know. This was just a frustration post. Plus I also realize connections are always good to have.