Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Beware of Drunk Co-workers

After a very tumultuous day at work in which we had 2 meetings to explain two dramatic policy changes my group and I decided that we would meet at Twin Peaks(No.. not the TV Show..I am talking cheap Hooters wannabees)for drinks. My manager was included in the little party and she can't really hold her liquor. After 2 or 3 Red Bull and Vodkas she was explaining to me the girls at work that she suspects are lesbians and her general dislike of certain co-workers. The place is actually kind of fun and we had a cute waitress with large breasteses. After having a few frosty beverages I think I actually had a crush on one of the waitresses (and by waitress... I mean the burly daddy types sitting in the corner). Needless to say we all were operating a half speed today.

The weekend is almost here and I am excited that my BFF Dalton is coming in for a visit. I guess he is trying to escape the BUGS.,1,7640210.story?coll=chi_tab01_layout

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Anonymous said...

Yes, its amazing what a few cocktails will bring out in some conservative coworkers!!