Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Call em like you see em

I feel that you should just call things like you see them. The various commercials that I have seen lately that start out with some lady talking about moving into a new house and getting a fresh start after a difficult period in her life only to awkwardy transition into asthma medicine drive me CRAZY. Well I just saw the greatest TV ad ever. It is for the Ab Booty. Yes I said it. Ab Booty. It is a home excersise device aimed at getting you those rock hard abs and nice full booty you have always dreamed about. I had to take a double take and see if my ears were deceiving me. Did I just hear the announcer call that device an AbBooty. So I must say "Kudos" to the inventor for not calling it the HealthMax 2000 or LifeFitness XD. If it gives you a six pack and some nice junk in the trunk it should be called the AbBooty.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

show us your ButtWonder 2008. Come on, I know you got one.