Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is it Happy Hour yet?

If you read Can't never could do Nothings blog then you have officially been tagged to talk about your "5 Things". If you are reading this blog then you have officially been tagged as well. I will be checking up on you so you better do it!!!

5 Jobs that I have had:
Construction Worker- No… I never wore the tool belt and nothing else.
Security Guard- I miss the unform.
Retail Manager- I had 60 salesmen under me… I mean reporting to me.
Banking Center Manager. I would flirt with the cute guys in the drive thru and send them lollipops.
Regional Manager for a Financial Services company(Current)

5 Movies I can watch over and over again:
Steel Magnolias- “Go ahead M’Lynn slap her” “Are you high Clairee? Priceless!
A Christmas Story- They show it for 24 hours during Christmas and I watch it 3 or 4 times.
Top Gun- I was 12 when it came out and all the hot Air Force guys were just too much.. I still watch it though.
The Legend of Billie Jean- “Hubie won’t bring it back”. “How do you know”. “Cause he’s a fucker that’s how I know”
Breakfast Club- “does Barry Manilow know that you raided his wardrobe"?

5 Places that I have lived:
Los Lunas New Mexico -
Las Vegas Nevada
Albuquerque New Mexico
Arlington Texas
Dallas Texas

5 T.V. shows that I love:
ESPN Sportscenter
Food Network- The Barefoot Contessa
Kathy Griffin- My life on the D-List
Will and Grace- I still watch reruns
The Weather Channel- Storm Stories

5 Places I have been on vacation:
Key West
Napa Valley

5 Favorite Meals
Blakes Hamburger- It’s a New Mexico thing.
Freebirds Burrito- It’s a Texas thing.
Giordanos Deep Dish cheese pizza from Chicago- Oh lawd its good.
Can cheese on Ritzs crackers.

5 Places I would rather be, right now
Camping high up in the Rocky Mountains
Playing darts with my friends at Charlies Bar in Chicago
Getting a massage.
Picking out my New Infinity G35
Hanging out on a yacht in the Mediterranean.

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Thomas said...

It's never too late to only wear the tool belt. I'll give you a lollipop. *??*