Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Return of the Blog-Slacker

I am back from Chicago and once again I have returned STD free!!! My other half did pick up something but he swears he fell down and scraped himself and that's how he picked up those pesky crabs. I feel like Chicago has become somewhat of a second home as my best friends have been there for almost a year now and we have been there for business or pleasure at least 4 times. The first 4 days were a blur as I was in Spreadheet/PowerPoint overload however it was somewhat entertaining and I did get to hang out with fellow Tax Bitches that I only see once a year. After a relaxing Thursday evening we made up for lost party time on Friday and next thing you know our flight was leaving O Hare on Sunday night. The highlight of the trip was the local Mayfest celebration that is held in German-Town. I had a beer called Maiboch and all I can say is "sookie sookie now". That beer will make you lose your panties real quick. Well I am glad to be back in Dallas I can't wait for our next trip to the Windy City.


Tlaloc said...

We had a blast and your bed is always when you are...come back soon!

Thomas said...

Give that man more MAIBOC. We want to see the panties drop!!

Thomas said...

... PANTIES DROP!!!! *well I figure it works in plays when someone forgets their lines, then they suddenly make it happen - so why not give it try.*