Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm keepin my baby

Have you ever had "New Car Fever"? I had a bad case all Spring and was ready to spend my future Asian/African/European babies college fund on a new Infinity G35. What happened you ask? $4.00 a gallon gas happened. The G35 gets like 14 MPG and while it is sexy, hot, grrrrrr, fun I can't justify trading down in MPG. So when I decided to keep the old clunker I knew there were some fixer uppers that needed to be done. Apparently you need to change the TPS and have the I-Values reset back to specs every 50,000 miles(duh, everybody knows that). I could only hope that these things would eliminate the Check Engine light and the idling problem I had been having for a year. I received a call a mere couple of hours after dropping the beast off at the service department and was told" She's ready". Of course my next questions was "How much"? The reply came like shrieking fingernails down a chalk board.......... $551.90. For a TPS and the I-Value reset(still have no idea what either does). I begrudgingly went to pick up the newly TPS'd bucket of bolts and with tears in my eyes handed the cashier my credit card. She gave me my receipt and showed me to the vehicle. To my surprise and utter disbelief my antenna had been replaced. I had lived without an antenna for a year now. None of the good stations would come in. Was this on my bill?? I didn't authorize this!!! I happened to run into the service advisor that checked me in earlier and he smiled and said" I noticed your antenna was broken. I went ahead and replaced it free of charge" FREE OF CHARGE! My tears of sadness turned into tears of joy and I am now at peace with keeping my baby for at least another year.

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Thomas said...

I'm thinking the service advisor wants to borrow a cup of sugar and throw back some maibocs. But that's ME thinking. My blog from the other day cost me $559.06. Are you sure we are not the same person living in alternate universes? ie: vacuum brush, gay, bobby labonte.