Friday, August 8, 2008

The 10 o' clock news is turning me racist!!

For those that know me this is old news but for the rest of you here it goes. I watch the 10 o'clock news every night like I always have. Living in the big city I expect there to be crime and drama. It seems that every night there is a murder, rape, robbery etc... After seeing the same story for years my first question now is ...Black Brown or Asian?? Who did it?? I am of Spanish/Italian decent. I am gay. I have a lot going against me from a racist perspective and could be described as a minority depending on who you ask but I never pull the race card when things don't go my way. Do my Black/Brown/Burnt Sienna brothers and sisters always feel obligated to make the news on the Murder/Robbery section???? Are we pre-disposed to make violent choices based on race, color or creed? I know this is my deepest post ever but my curiosity is getting the better of me.

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Thomas said...

Okay, Racist/Racism is a bit harsh. I think you are acknowledging latent or existing Prejudice. This normal to feel and experience and nothing to be ashamed of, especially since you are seeing it within yourself. Racism is outward and impactual and causes harm both physical and emotional. You are not Racist. You are expressing on an intellectual level your opinions that are peppered with prejudice. I often share your prejudice. The real truth is do you strive to look beyond race to understand why people act out as they do. *Buddah Thomas*