Friday, August 22, 2008

Do you want tickets to Johnnie B. and the railroaders?

Huh? Do you? Do you? Do you want me to get new crown molding made of titanium and chewing gum? Do we need to upgrade our ice maker to be HDTV ready? Should I buy the neighbor lady NFL Sunday Ticket? These are all questions that I am asked by the Hubby on a daily basis. He means very well and is one of the most selfless people I know but what's up with all of the strange and borderline useless things that he wants to buy. Even he will admit that he doesn't know the first thing about these bands, tools, appliances, donations that he wants to spend his "hard earned" money on. If he gets an email advertising the latest and greatest furniture touch up paint... He wants 2 cases. If you are peddling software that speeds up your internet connection... SOLD! I fear that in his old age(next year) he will fall prey to telemarketing scams and water softner salespeople. I better go. I think we just became the proud owenrs of a Scandanavian miniture goat with matching goat herder shoes. Oh well. It was on clearance.


Thomas said...

WAIT!!! Where can I get the Scandanavian miniture goat with matching goat herder shoes??

If it were me asking those questions I would either be trying to see how your react to learn more about you or just being silly.

I think you should handle all the money, honey.

Your Hubby said...

The goat and shoes will be delivered tomorrow.....FEDEX Saturday delivery (a small extra fee)
Thanks Honey

Tlaloc said...

Frivalous spending is good for the soul! I am on your hubby's side!

JOEY said...

Frivalous spending is buying two pairs of shoes instead of one. Frivalous is buying the good bottle of wine when the Yellowtail would be just fine. He spends on oddities.

daveincleveland said...

guess i am a little on his and your side..with new singleness i have found that i can buy things without having to ask anyone...this is a new experience for me...damn i love home shopping netword