Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh Glorious Day

It's Here. It's Finally Here! The first College Football Saturday of the Year. This is my favorite time of year. Every week has playoff-like atmosphere. Upsets, nailbiters, and out behind the woodshed spankings(hmmm) grace the TV. We went to have dinner at a Sportsbar/Restaurant last night and the bar crowd was yelling and cheering and I glanced up at the screen and noticed that SMU was playing the Rice Owls. SMU vs Rice!!! Hello. You would have thought it was the final seconds of Auburn-LSU at some bar in Baton Rouge. It just goes to show that a sportsfan is a sportsfan is a sportsfan. I will be glued to the TV all day beginning with College game day in just a few hours(MMMM Kirk Herbstreit). Hope you enjoy your Holiday Weekend!


Thomas said...

Thanks for voting for Jason!!

Woodshed spankings? Have I missed all the fun? And you missed an opportunity to post of pic of Kirk. What's with that?

manxxman said...

What a great start to the football season....USC (the proper USC as in Trojans) whooped the Virgini boys. And surprise surprise UK (no not the United Kingdom but University of Kentucky) beat it's traditional rival Louisville at Louisville soundly.

Thomas said...

I'm already lost. What was that about spankings?