Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My how time flies

I can't believe its been a week since my last post. I am gainfully employed after a 3 week hiatus. It is a change for me as I have not been in mgmt. in a few years(funny how my bossiness comes back so easily). I am enjoying the new gig very much and it has great opportunity for growth. The little guy is now the big guy and has grown at least two inches and 10 lbs since we got him. He has the Great Dane grace(poor buddy slips and slides all over the wood floors). He also has the Dane bark and ever since he learned to talk its been difficult getting him to shut up. I am excited to be taking a vacation to Chicago on Oct. 31st(I know...I just started a new job and already need a break. What a DIVA). The hubbie is happy as well with his new job and is now in charge of multiple restaurants instead of just one location. I would say that life is good(knock on wood..Not that kind of WOOD. pervs!)

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SweetPea said...

Oh hunnie, I am glad u went back to work!!! I cant wait to go see ya!! So Buddy is gettin bigger!? I just don't know what you guys are gonna do when he is a nig strong man!! Well have a happy day at work!! Love U!!!