Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fried Latte

Welcome to the Land of all foods fried. Do you enjoy your morning Latte? Lets make it deep fried and it will be even better! I guess the latte flavor is infused into a batter which is deep fried which is really kind of odd but hey.. I love me a fried OREO once a year(Shut up... They are Snackwell Oreos..... Yeah right!! Give me a double stuffed fried in LARD please.) We resisted temptation to go to the State Fair as some friends of ours are coming for a work/visit next week(and by friends I mean the rude hookers that I dedicated half of my life to only to see them jump at the first carrot dangled in front of them by their employer) and we will probably go with them. The last week was fun as I am becoming settled into the new job. The hubbie and I decided to go play pool and darts on Saturday afternoon and the results were not pretty. I smacked that ass in POOL and left him with 5 balls on the table in one game. We then switched to darts and lets just say he didn't fair to much better. I hope all is well where you are.

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