Saturday, September 8, 2007


The first week of parenthood has been a doozy. I decided it would be best to stay up as late as I possibly can so that buddy can go out one last time for the night(and by night I mean 2AM). As sleep begins to call I force myself to watch yet another informercial to try and stay awake. I now know that Mineral based make-up is better than the other stuff and the Tai-Bo guy is still alive and hawking his workout videos again. This schedule works well for us as my other half wakes up for work at 5 and there is but a short gap of time for the new baby to leave us a nice puddle or pile of morning goodness! Why am I writing about this you ask???? Lets just say that falling asleep at 3:am is not a good thing when my early bird husband feels the need to audition for "This Old House" at 5:am(at least we now have new moulding around the door..nice work honey). Thank goodness I have a 3 week break between jobs(I left the last one- thats a whole other post) and am able to catnap in the afternoon during my Soaps. I am gonna miss being a stay at home Mom.


SweetPea said...

Hi punkin,
Not to rain on your precious parade, but please don't end up like one of those creepy old ladies that think their 95 cats are actually kids and treats them as such!!! Hee hee!! My gorgerous boys both say hi and Ashton said he learned to cook brownies, so next visit, BEWARE!!!!!

Akoni S. Chaput said...

Hey Brotherman....glad you stopped by to say hello. Looks like we have some in common, Will & Grace are the best and our hubbs name is Tom (at least I believe yours is..).

Congratulations on the new baby boy. He sounds beautiful, when can we see a picture...? Not a sports fan here, but it's never too late right!?!

I'll be back in to say hi, you have a GREAT blog here Brah.

Hope all is well where you are.

Vicky said...

Are you freaking crazy. A great dane giant whatever in your apartment!!! Oh My God!! Good luck with that!!