Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Eyes of Texas are upon me

It's official. I am a resident of the United State of Texas. Hook em Horns!!!!! The Eyes of Texas watch everything I do.(quit staring biatch!)

I moved to Dallas in May of 2002 and had recently renewed my NM drivers license so I decided to keep it(I can be super cheap and that damn thing cost me 25 bucks. Thats 5 cocktails!!!). This was ok until a few months ago when I stopped at the local liquor store to buy a bottle of wine and thanks to my boyishly handsome looks(SHUT UP DAVID. BITE YOUR FORKED TONGUE) I was asked for ID. I gladly handed them my NM license when I was rudely told that it was expired and no wine for me!!!(Mean lesbian!!!! Let me have my wine. I should have thrown a KD Lang Cd in the opposite direction and made a break for it) Today I decided to make a run down to my local DMV office(and by DMV office I mean third world country outhouse). I had to take the written test and the driving test. The whole ordeal was tragic but thanks to my sweet hubby who helped keep me calm I passed with flying colors(75% on the written and 79% on the driving. Jealous?????)

So after all that I am know an official resident of the glorious Republic of Texas. I am gonna wear my boots proud and do my hair up real BIG. I am gonna pile that stuff up just as close to jesus as I can.... (OK David thats "Jee*zus", not "Hay*Zuse")

I feel just like Ms. Ellie....

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SweetPea said...

Oh hunnie I am sad, that was my last string holding u with us in NM. Very sad, but I am glad u are growing into the beautful butterfly i hoped u would be!!!!