Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Lawd NO!!

So after a nice dinner my hubby and I stopped at our local Gay Piano bar for a cocktail. The crowd was boy.girl.boy.girl.boy. WHAT?? Our little gay bar has gone straight. The girl at the end of the bar was painfully skinny with small little Olsen Twin twin teeth. She had Supercut bangs and flea market silver metallic flip flops. She thought that she was the cats meow. After being ignored by her Straight suitor she turned to her trusty companion. Her cell phone that turned into a full size computer keyboard. While our Fab little straight girl was texting her best girlfriends a very fun song started playing. Snap- Rythym is a dancer. "You can feel it everywhere!!. After hearing this Fab retro song Ms. Redneck Texas puts her HUGE phone in her mouth and pumps her fists in the air. Left. Right. Left, Right-- Rythym is a Dancer. You go girl. She was tapping her foot so hard on her barstool that her silver metallic flip flop almost fell off her crusty foot. OH LAWD!!!

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Thomas said...

...and after that.... I'm going back to view the post from two days ago to recover my sanity.