Saturday, July 19, 2008


The T.V. show... not the "toast". There is something to be said about going somewhere and knowing that "everybody knows your name". Before my best friends(you know the ones. The dirty hookers that packed up and moved to Chicago on the hopes that they would become Oprah "regulars" and get free shit on her shiteous "Favorite Things" episodes) left Dallas we had our own little version of Cheers. We would play darts and have cocktails. We would sing karaoke and have cocktails. David would have sex in the bathrooms and we would have cocktails. Through it all we became regulars and always had our favorite table waiting for us and never waited for a drink even during the busiest times. Tonight the hubby and I had dinner at one of our Favs's and it was nice to get a hug from the Mgr. and for all of the wait staff to greet us in their own little way(Hide the Gin!! The martini queens are back). Sometimes it seems fun to go out and chase the latest and the greatest but I never take for granted the familiar comfort of the tried and true.


Thomas said...

And this place must not have any chics on cellphones. YAY!!! I don't have a "usual" stomping ground place, other than maybe this one Vietnamese restaurant.

31 and her mamma still calls her baby said...

I would never have sex in the bathrooms, thats tacky. I had sex on the back patio like every self respecting gay man.