Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Boss's Boss

This week was somewhat of a blur. The owner/President/el jefe of my company was in town to tour the North Texas District for one of our several business channels that we operate here. While my division was not being inspected I was asked to tour the stores as a relationship building effort between divisions. El Jefe is a serious Type A personality with minor ADD as well. We began each day at 9am and wrapped up around 10pm each night. It would have been later but I decided to skip dinner and drinks. While I was exhausted by the end of my trip it was a good opportunity for some brown nosing...... I mean face time with el presidente.

I bought buddy a new toy on Wednesday evening and he told me that it was the greatest toy EVER(he gave me a big sloppy kiss and sniffed my crotch). While I caught up on emails late that night he was on the couch just chewing away on one of the 4 thick braided ropes that were sticking out of a hard rubber chew toy. When it was finally bed time I shut down the laptop and headed upstairs only to discover that it wasn't the ropes he was chewing on. The WONDER dog had been chewing the hard rubber part of the toy. Not just chewing it but swallowing pieces as well. A full bowl of food, a hard rubber bone, and smooth braided rope all available to WONDERMUTT and he would rather EAT plastic!!! Speak of the devil... Someone is awake and needs to go do his business. I am sure I will find blue plastic when I pick up his......

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