Friday, August 3, 2007

Weekly Wrap Up

Wow. Can it be that I am already burnt out after only 3 posts. Never! Ok so this week has had drama in many ways. I called in on Monday(too tired), worked Tuesday(hated it), went out for drinks with co-workers on Wednesday(loved it, and kicked ass at darts), called in on Thursday(waaay too tired) and now its finally Friday(what a long week...poor me). I was informed at 2PM that volunteers were needed to work tomorrow. I galdly(kicking and screaming) offered up my services(NO..not THOSE services) and promptly left for the day. If those bitches expect me to work on Saturday then I needed to get my drink on ASAP. The Hall of Fame game is this Sunday so its almost that time of year again. Did I mention that I love football? I will need my rest this upcoming week as my friend(you remember..the one that divorced me for deep dish pizza and gross hot dogs) will be back next weekend. OK, I promise not to go for a whole week without a post ever again.

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manxxman said...

Dear Sports Nut,

Will at last there's another gay guy out there that loves sports. My partner just rolls his eyes whenever I mention anything about sports.

I'll watch almost any sport (ok, so I don't enjoy scoccer) including cricket (ok so I lived in England for 13 years).....

Oh for a friend that would hang out and watch Monday Night football......oh will I'm pretty lucky to have found the love of my he isn't perfect